Welcome, everyone

I'd just like to put out a welcome to all the new members of the team. Here's a summary of everyone working on the project so that everyone knows what everyone else is doing. :)

scot4875 (myself) - Working on the Win32/DirectX port
trandor - Working on the Linux/SDL port
messiah15 - Working on music, LISP, and levels
diamonidzomai - Our concept artist
lcid_fire - Helping with the story ideas, artwork, etc.
ssoulblighter - LISP
vortex0 - Story, weapon ideas
zap_rowsdower - Story, weapon ideas

We're one of the top ranked side-scrolling game projects on Sourceforge now. Let's keep this enthusiasm rolling and see what we manage to come up with.

--Jeremy Scott

Posted by Jeremy Scott 2001-10-08

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