Gregg - 2012-01-25

I am having some problems with one of our gui unit tests getting the

No Component found with matcher  ….

failure.  Basically, our gui test does the following:

1. Create a JPopupMenu menu with JMenu items and set the name of the JPopupMenu to something like POPUP
2. Create a JButton component with an actionPerformed which shows the JPopupMenu when clicked
3. Show the JButton component, using ComponentTestFixture.showFrame
4. Use the ComponentTester.actionClick to select the JButton
5. Use ComponentTestFixture.getFinder().find(new NameMatcher(“POPUP”)) to find the JPopupMenu component

Now, when running in eclipse under windows OS, the junit test always passes but when running on a linux server using a virtual display (we are using Xvfb – X windows virtual frame buffer), the junit test will fail about 1 out of 10 times with the failure

No Component found with matcher Name matcher (POPUP)

.  It is a very sporadic failure.

Does anyone know or have any ideas what is going on and how to fix a problem like this?
We are currently using Abbot release 1.0.1.
Thanks for any help.