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Abbot 1.2 Released

We have just released version 1.2 with a hole new dependency chain, including replacing BeanShell with Groovy. Requires JDK 6, will run under JDK 7 with some issues.

Posted by Gerard Davison 2011-12-21

Abbot for SWT subproject is moving

The SWT side of Abbot is moving to its own project: Abbot for SWT (at\). Hereafter, that is where all Abbot SWT-/JFace-related work, news, downloads, documentation, etc. will be based. The code has been migrated and a user mailing list is available.

Posted by Gary Johnston 2009-03-18

abbot.awt 1.0.1 released

This is primarily a bug-fix release. See the release notes for details.

Updated the file archives which mistakenly omitted costello.jar.

Posted by Timothy Wall 2008-03-06


The first alpha release of abbot.swt 0.1.0 has been released. See the release notes for a few more details.

Posted by Gary Johnston 2008-03-05

Abbot 1.0.0.rc4 (repaired)

The abbot.jar and example.jar files had java 1.5 class format. This has been fixed and all classes are now 1.3-compatible.

Posted by Timothy Wall 2006-10-09

Most Test Suite Failures Fixed

Test suite failures are at an all-time low! Linux is down to about 4 failures, OSX about the same with a few sporadic errors. W32 runs with no failures.

If there's a bug in the list you want fixed, flag its priority now.

Posted by Timothy Wall 2006-08-04

Subversion conversion done

Please have a look, try to check out, report any problems. Developer write access has not yet been enabled.

I've split into three main projects, abbot, abbot.swt, and www (for the project pages/wiki).

Start browsing from

Posted by Timothy Wall 2006-06-06

Better Drag/Drop Recording

Thanks to a little discussion on an unrelated topic, I figured out how to track native drags, thus obviating the need for some platform-specific heuristic hacks. Check it out from CVS.

Posted by Timothy Wall 2006-04-10

Abbot 1.0.0rc2

One big change is how window "readiness" is detected. The new method is more robust in the general case, but may produce slightly longer delays in certain scenarios.

Posted by Timothy Wall 2005-12-22

Script Fixtures

Scripts can now include a fixture script rather than duplicating launch/wait/terminate steps. Many scripts can be run against a single UI fixture, and easily run alone or as a group.

Posted by Timothy Wall 2005-02-23

Abbot 0.13.1/AWT Released

Posted by Timothy Wall 2004-11-11

Out of the (virtual) office

I will be away until September on a Grand Canyon rafting trip, and I'm not taking any electronics.

Posted by Timothy Wall 2004-08-16

Abbot 0.13.0/AWT Released

Abbot makes it easy to test your Java UI with both JUnit tests and scripted functional tests. This version includes dynamic evaluation of Java expressions in scripts (via beanshell) as well as many bug fixes.

Posted by Timothy Wall 2004-08-16

Abbot 0.12.4 Released

Biggest bug fix is the slowdown/freeze when recording certain applications.

Framework unit tests are getting better for X11/OSX systems, but not entirely there yet.

Posted by Timothy Wall 2004-07-09

Abbot 0.12.3/AWT Released

Primarily bug fixes. See for details.

Posted by Timothy Wall 2004-06-11

Abbot 0.12.1 - er, 0.12.2 Released

bug fixes and editor enhancements

Posted by Timothy Wall 2004-03-18

Abbot 0.12.0 released

Abbot is a simple framework for unit and functional testing of Java GUIs. Facilitates generating user actions and examining component state. Supports recording and playback on any Java application. This release includes a number of enhancements and bug fixes.

The home page (which was getting rather lengthy) has been split into different sections. See for release details.... read more

Posted by Timothy Wall 2004-02-25

Abbot: new version plugs into Eclipse

Abbot (A Better 'Bot) eases test and automation of Java GUIs by driving AWT/Swing (SWT soon) from JUnit testcases (TDD your GUIs!) and XML scripts (which you can record as well as play). With newly released version 0.11.0, Abbot gets easier for Eclipse users: it includes a (compressed) binary plugin, See

Posted by Tom Roche 2004-01-08

Abbot 0.11.0 Released

Still trying for 1.0 :) See for details.

Posted by Timothy Wall 2004-01-07

abbot-users mailing list

This is a mailing list to facilitate posting questions and answers, since the Help forum is not accessible to everyone. Manage your subscription at the following link:

Posted by Timothy Wall 2003-11-21

Web Start fixed (again)

Now works with Java 1.4.2, which was rejecting the signing certs previously used.

Posted by Timothy Wall 2003-11-18

Abbot 0.10.1 Released

Primarily bug fixes. See for details.

Posted by Timothy Wall 2003-10-10

Features for the Next Release

The following features are to be included in the next major release (there will likely be some bug-fix releases before then):

* AUT fixtures (run one or more scripts under the same fixture)
* Genericized locations (allow better support of clicking or D&D for components with arbitrary sub-objects, such as cells or rows)
* Handle lookup of dynamically changing components (on-the-fly generated menus, status labels, etc.)
* Provide component-oriented key actions
* SWT support... read more

Posted by Timothy Wall 2003-09-08

Abbot 0.10.0 Released

See for details.
NOTE: this release includes validation of XML scripts; if you are using custom script steps, you will either need to update the schema to include your custom tags, or disable validation by setting the System property abbot.script.validate=false.

Posted by Timothy Wall 2003-08-28

Abbot 0.9.1 Released

Release early, release often :)

Posted by Timothy Wall 2003-07-27

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