What is SoapUI?

SmartBear-SoapUI-LogoThis is a guest post from SoapUI. SoapUI may sound like something you would use for washing, but actually it is one of the most used Web API cleaning tools in the world. Sorry, I mean testing tools, of course…

The name may say “SOAP”, but you can use it to test both SOAP-based and REST-based APIs.

In the beginning

SoapUI has been around since 2005, and is free and open source. It is used by millions of testers and developers worldwide, as the API testing tool.

With SoapUI, you can interact with the API to test through a nice user interface. You can do ad-hoc functional testing, of course, but more interestingly, also supports automatic scenario-based testing.

You can create Test Suites and Test Cases to perform testing in the form of long sequences of calls to your API. You can have it login to the API service, then use the access token that is sent back to you as a parameter for a search API call, and so on.

Even better; the test steps can have Assertions and Data steps, so you can use real production like data to drive tests and assert that everything works for all varieties of real data input.

Java, Swing = works on your OS

SoapUI is a desktop client written completely in Java, using the Swing framework. This means it works on Windows, Linux and MacOS.

REST in progress

We recently released SoapUI 4.6.2, with improvements to ease of use for the existing REST support. We are now busy working on the upcoming REST release, where we will add better support for OAuth, REST Mocking and many other things.

The future: TX improvements

As a product owner I have to look a long way into the future, and what I see is a demand for an improved TX (Tester Experience). It’s similar to DX (Developer Experience) which is already gaining interest.

Read this blog post to learn more about TX. In short, TX is UX for testers and testing. Simply making the tools and systems for testing more usable for testers. So expect more features in upcoming versions of SoapUI that will make the daily life of a tester less frustrating.

Development and contributions

SoapUI was originally created by Ole Lensmar, and today the main development is done at SmartBear Software in Stockholm, where we have a team of developers adding completely new features, as well as smaller improvements and bug fixes.

There is also an active online community with contributors, which increased involvement in the recent months.

As the product owner of SoapUI, I really love having a lively community where I can get lots of feedback on the current versions and input on what to include in future versions.

Join us!

Please join the community, it’s easy! Visit the forums on SourceForge or soapui.org/forums, or maybe come meet us in the Stockholm office to discuss new or old features in SoapUI.

You are welcome to visit to talk or just hang out. So next time you are near Stockholm in Sweden, give us a call or send me an email <smartbear-sweden-info@smartbear.com>.



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