Project Summary Page Contest

By admin

We’d like to offer you a little incentive to update your projects summary page. We’ve been talking for the last few posts about what you can do to to improve your project’s visibility, and now we’d like to offer you a little Christmas spending money to get you moving.

Update: The legal guys tell me I misinterpreted the legal info. I’ve updated it below.

Who’s Eligible?

Any site which, by December 12th, has the following attributes, is eligible for the prize:

  • Project summary statement and description filled out
  • A project icon
  • 3 or more screenshots
  • A current release. (Something released in the last 60 days)
  • 3 or more items listed in the project features list

Who Wins?

The final winner will be selected randomly from the list of projects which satisfy the above requirements.

What Do I Win?

The winning project(s) will receive a $50 ThinkGeek gift certificate for every active project admin. (Our lawyers tell us some restrictions apply here.)

How Do I Enter?

All you have to do to enter is to start working on your project summary page. We’ll determine eligible projects by a database query when the contest end arrives. Ready? Go!

The Legal Stuff

The winner(s) need to be twenty-one (21) years of age and older.

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