Now it’s your turn

One of my main goals, as Community Growth Hacker, is to help the projects on Sourceforge promote themselves and grow. Project growth means different things to different people. It might mean more downloads and more people using your software. But what I’m really interested in is community growth – a community of engaged users and developers working around the common goal of producing a great piece of software.

I’d like to offer you this platform from which to spread your message.

A few years ago, I started Feathercast, an unofficial podcast about the Apache Software Foundation, in order to answer the question “what the heck does that project do?” Apache had a few dozen projects, some of them doing very cool things, but they weren’t doing a good job of explaining what they were and why anyone should care.

So, a few years later, I’m here at Sourceforge, and we have tens of thousands of projects doing interesting things, and many of them aren’t doing a great job of telling the world what they’re doing. Part of my job is helping you get that message out.

If you’d like some space on the Sourceforge blog to get your message out, I’m looking for one of the following three things.

First, I’m looking for blog posts that tell us:

  • What does your project do? How are real people using it? This should be more than just your one-paragraph description. Pretend you’re explaining to someone at a party what it is that you’re working on.
  • How can I get involved? How can I use my skills, or learn new ones, and get involved in your community?
  • What’s planned for the next version?

I reserve the right to edit your submission, and perhaps add a few screen shots.

Second, I’m looking for people who are willing to spend twenty minutes talking to me on Skype, or on the phone, about their project, answering questions of the same type as above, but with more leeway for me to pursue interesting side-conversations as they come up. This would then get edited down to about 10 minutes and published as a podcast here at Sourceforge. You would, of course, also be able to use the (raw or edited) audio for your own purposes under a permissive license like the Creative Commons (details under discussion).

Third, I’m looking for screencast style videos, showing how to do something useful with your project. I’m willing to do whatever post-editing is necessary, if you want to just capture something and send it on.

If you want to do any of the above, please contact me, and let me know.


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