Platform update: Menu cleanup

We’ve pushed out another set of updates to the developer platform today, and I wanted to particularly highlight one change.

Projects with large numbers of a particular type of tool – say, many Git repositories, ticket trackers, or mailing lists – have been noticing that their navigation bar was becoming very cluttered, sometimes wrapping a time or two to fit in all of the menu items. In extreme cases – some projects have dozens of code repositories – this made the navigation practically unusable.

In this release, we’ve implemented two tickets, which you can read in more detail in the ticket tracker (#4957, #5479), which address this problem.

The first of these combines multiple items of the same type into a single menu item:

The second one gives you, the project administrator, additional control over this, by letting you define at what point menu items should be collapsed.

You’ll find this option at the bottom of the ‘Tools’ page in your project admin interface.

There’s more in this release, and you can read the full release notes in the push ticket. You can also see what’s coming next by looking at the milestones in the ticket tracker, and vote on individual tickets that you’d like to see happen sooner.

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