phpMyAdmin and the Google Summer of Code

In our continuing series, I had the opportunity to ask Marc Delisle about his project’s experience with the Google Summer of Code.

Rich: Give us an overview of what your project is.

Marc: phpMyAdmin is a web interface for MySQL and Drizzle databases.

Rich: What was your student’s assignment?

Marc: After fourteen years of existence, our code base has grown in many directions and it was time for some refactoring. The two projects I mentored were about refactoring some of the sub-systems inside phpMyAdmin.

Another of our mentors was supervising a student whose project was to remove the usage of HTML frames from the interface.

Rich: Was the assignment completed to your satisfaction?

Marc: Yes, but for one of my projects, testing was incomplete; also, some bugs
have been logged and will need care before this code is released.

Rich: When can we expect to see the fruits of the summer’s work in a released version?

Marc: We usually produce a version with the merged code, about five months
after GSoC.

Rich: Would you participate in GSoC again?

Marc: Sure; this was our fifth year.

Rich: What advice can you give to a project interested in GSoC for next year?

Marc: We have developed wiki pages explaining the selection process and a student guide; this is really important for would-be participants. Also, we only accept students who have contributed some code before.

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