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From time to time, we all get by with a little help from our friends. So where do you go to for help on the site?

Here is a friendly reminder of the different help outlets that are available you, as a project admin, or anyone having problems with our site. Have no fear; our dedicated support staff is here to help!

Site Status

If you experience any site outages or lag, you might try checking our Site Status reports to see if we are performing a system upgrade, or if we know about an issue. You can check the SF Operations Blog, or follow them on Twitter at @sfnet_ops for updates.

Site Documentation

Hopefully we’ve been able to address your question or problem through our Site Documentation. Have a look, poke around, and see what you can find. Our docs cover everything from getting started with your SourceForge account, to services available to you, to syncing your docs with the SourceForge servers, to project statistics, to account information. A quick search through the docs should hopefully point you to what you need.

Bug Tracker

SourceForge has been around a long time, so chances are somebody else may have had the same problem or question that you have. You might try searching our bug tracking system. If nothing is found, then you are welcome to submit a ticket.


We have a dedicated IRC channel on the Freenode network: #sourceforge. We have support staff available during business hours (09:00 to 17:00 EST) that are happy to answer questions or help you troubleshoot. There are also quite a few regular SourceForge users that hang out in the channel after hours, so you’re welcome to ask your question and you might get an answer.

If you aren’t familiar with IRC, there are some great resources available at, or on Wikipedia.


Besides following @sfnet_ops, you are welcome to ask questions, send feedback, or shoot general comments and info to our main account at @sourceforge.


If your problem is less urgent in nature, you are more than welcome to email us.

Please note that we can only help you troubleshoot issues. If you’re having problems with a specific piece of software you downloaded from the site, you’ll need to check with that software team directly. Info on that can usually be found on the “Support” link of the project page.

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