Featured projects, December 3, 2012

By Community Team

Here’s the projects that we’ll be featuring for the week of December 3, 2012. Thanks to all of them for being part of the SourceForge community.

  • Pandora FMS: Flexible Monitoring System

    Pandora FMS is a performance & availability monitoring system, ready for big environments. It uses agents for local monitoring and can do several kinds of remote network monitoring (SNMP v3, TCP checks, remote WMI probes…) Agents works on Linux, Windows, AIX, HP-UX, Solaris and BSD systems. Highly scalable (up to 2000 nodes with one single server), completely web-driven and a multitenant interface. It has a very flexible ACL system and a lot of graphical reports and user-defined control screens.

  • ClamTk

    ClamTk is a GUI front-end for Clam Antivirus using gtk2-perl. It is designed to be an easy-to-use, lightweight, point-and-click desktop virus scanner for Linux.

  • AjaXplorer

    Build your own box, open source and open cloud, for your enterprise. AjaXplorer is a modern alternative to Saas-based box solution that you can easily deploy on your own servers : can be as simple as a NAS or a web server, and as flexible as your own private cloud architecture. Share easily, internally or externally, your documents, but keeping the control on where they are stored, who can see them and who cannot. AjaXplorer comes fully featured with a rich and intuitive web-based interface, multi-devices support (iOS, Android) and desktop synchronization tool (currently in beta).

  • Bochs x86 PC emulator

    Bochs is a portable x86 PC emulation software package that emulates enough of the x86 CPU, related AT hardware, and BIOS to run Windows, Linux, *BSD, Minix, and other OS’s, all on your workstation.

  • ImperiumAO

    ImperiumAO is a popular FREE Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Play Game (MMORPG) developed using BaronSoft’s ORE engine and currently being ported to a brand new SDL-C++ programmed engine. The game is set up on a huge medieval fantasy world and it has multiple worldwide located servers with currently more than 100.000 active players around the globe.

  • Meteorologist

    Meteorologist is a free weather program for OS X. It allows users total control over their weather viewing, including simultaneous interlaced weather reports from multiple weather servers, multiple weather locations, weather alerts and much more.

  • Uniform Server

    The Uniform Server is a lightweight server solution for running a web server under the WindowsOS. Less than 10MiB! It includes the latest versions of Apache2, Perl5, PHP5, MySQL5, phpMyAdmin and … NO INSTALLATION REQUIRED! NO REGISTRY DUST! Just UNPACK and FIRE UP!

  • eViacam

    Mouse replacement software that moves the pointer as you move your head. It works on standard PCs equipped with a web camera. No additional hardware is required. Based on the award winning Facial Mouse software. For Linux and Windows systems.

  • G’MIC

    This project aims at defining a script language (G’MIC) dedicated to image processing. It can be used to define complex image processing pipelines for converting, manipulating, filtering and visualizing generic 1D/2D/3D multi-spectral image datasets

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