An Open Forge

A little over a year ago, we began developing a new platform with a flexible plugin based architecture called Allura. The platform was created from day one with openness in mind. It was developed using open source technology like Python and MongoDB, to host open source software, and was build to be an open platform that could be easily extended by the community.

To go with this new Allura platform, we created a default set of tools including a tracker, forums, a wiki, and code hosting. Today, we are proud to announce the open source release of Allura and the related tools under the Apache 2 license.

Allura includes a customizable ticket tracker, wiki, discussion system, git, mercurial, and subversion. We added email integration to all of these tools, so every artifact has a thread with collaboration from a familiar interface. Extending this platform should be as simple as creating a new tool or mashing up the REST API.

More information on Allura is available on the development home page,

Our development process soon is opening up, and you can look at what we’re working in our public tracker.

We believe the open source community deserves a open platform, where they are full participants, and we hope today’s contribution, and our ongoing commitment to working with the community will make that happen. We also hope that folks from the community will help us to make that vision a reality by providing feedback and participating in development.

Stop by #sourceforge  on to say hello.

–Mark Ramm and the SourceForge team

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