Site Updates!


Well, guess what… We made some changes around here and man, did you all notice! We’ve taken a ton off feedback on that, going both ways! We’ve been listening and we’re trying new things and will keep doing that till we get it right. That’s why I’m writing, to let you know what we’re up to!

First, we’re making some changes to some of the new site design that are already out there. I posted a note on some changes that are gonna drop on Monday, in the Community Hub User Interface Feedback forum.

We’re also working on some changes to the project Trackers. I put a post in the UI forum that gives some detail on most of the changes. That’s gonna show up on Monday too.

We’ve heard your input loud and clear. We’re working on responding and incorporating what works, logging other stuff for future changes, and queuing up others for upcoming updates.

Your input is important. Please try out the new Tracker and give us your feedback in the UI forum so that we can continue to improve on the design and function.


Daniel Hinojosa – the support guy.

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