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CCA Finalists Announced Soon!

Hey everyone! Last Saturday during the wee hours of the morning we closed the nomination phase for the Community Choice Awards.

We’re still tallying here, and we’ll post the finalists in the next few days. However, a preliminary glance through the data seems to indicate potential for a hugely exciting and fiercely competitive voting phase once we kick it off on Monday, the 30th.

Stay tuned!

Tips for using SourceForge’s File Release System

There was a great question posed in the forums over the weekend and I realized this would be a great time to remind everyone of the procedure for uploading release files:

cheusov asked:

“I’d like to release my software but fails…What’s wrong?”

Because the SourceForge community is so awesome, the project owner had the question answered within hours when ckedem responded with a link to the File Release System (FRS) answer page. FRS, the project file distribution method used by SourceForge, was chosen to allow “developers to concentrate their efforts on code development and not concern themselves with the administrative overhead in maintaining a globally distributed network of download mirrors.”

The page contains complete instructions for uploading files to the site, using one of three methods — Web Upload, WebDAV, rsync over SSH, and sftp — now that FTP and scp are no longer supported. The page covers everything you need to know about creating a package and making it available for download, and also offers some tips to keep in mind about naming conventions and configuring a download page.

If you’re looking for WebDAV tools, try Davtool for Linux or Windows, or DAVlib for the Mac.

June’s Project of the Month

You’ve heard it over and over, but you know it’s true. The cardinal rule to responsible data management is backing up your files early and often. Christian Sprajc says he’s surprised at how many people overlook this simple step so he created FilePower, an easy way to synchronize, share, and secure your files. PowerFolder is June’s Project of the Month so we caught up with Srajc and his co-leads to get a look behind the scenes of this useful service.