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December Project of the Month: Firebird

This month, our Project of the Month is Firebird. Firebird, our CCA award winner in two categories from last year, is a powerful cross-platform RDBMS. Thanks to the Firebird team for making themselves available to answer our questions, I think it’s a very interesting read! Check out out here.


Many Hats, Part Four: Repository

Yes, it’s been a while since I last posted an installment of our Many Hats of series! In the time between installments, I took a road trip where I had the opportunity to meet with Zenoss, dimdim, and the FSF, and I spoke at FSOSS in Toronto. But now I’m back, and am pleased to present this post concerning’s role as an open source repository.

Back in the day, the open source community’s data could be found in many different locations. Sometimes what you needed lived in some university student’s ~/public_html folder, or on a server in someone’s garage, and you couldn’t necessarily expect any degree of perpetuity. Worse, I remember some occasions where a new version of something I needed was released that didn’t work and an older version was no longer available.
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