Submitting a Patch

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Submitting a Patch

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The Flex SDK patch submission process has been suspended at the current time as the process is being reviewed.

Code patches

We are accepting patches against the /flex/sdk/branches/3.x branch. If you have an awesome bug fix, then you can submit a patch by following these easy steps!

  1. Sign up on the Flex bug database (instructions).
  2. Complete the Contributor Agreement. Make sure the email address you use in the agreement is the same as your bug base email address.
  3. Submit the signed agreement and your encrypted password (get your encrypted password here) to Once we have approved your agreement we will add your bug database account to a group which will allow you to submit patches. In addition, you will also have read and write svn access to the Sandbox branch - use the email address you specified in the Contributor Agreement and the password you had encrypted.
  4. Create the patch. If using TortoiseSVN on Windows, for example, right click on the repository, choose TortoiseSVN, then choose Create Patch. Save the file. As a reminder, make sure you are following the Build and Test instructions to verify your fix.
  5. In the Flex bug database, find and view the bug for which you have developed the patch.
  6. If the legal work is done and we have added you to the group which allows patches, you will see the "Submit patch" link among the Operations links on the left. Click on it.
  7. Fill in the fields and attach the patch file you created above.
  8. Click the Create button. At this point, the patch will enter Adobe's process for review. If approved, it will be integrated by a committer.

Locale "patches"

The trunk currently has runtime resources for 16 locales:

Locale Language Country
da_DK Danish Denmark
de_DE German Germany
en_US English United States
es_ES Spanish Spain
fi_FI Finnish Finland
fr_FR French France
it_IT Italian Italy
ja_JP Japanese Japan
ko_KR Korean South Korea
nb_NO Norwegian Bokmål Norway
nl_NL Dutch Netherlands
pt_BR Portuguese Brazil
ru_RU Russian Russia
sv_SE Swedish Sweden
zh_CN Simplified Chinese China
zh_TW Traditional Chinese Taiwan

In most cases, these translations were done by Adobe translators using Adobe glossaries for product consistency, and have shipped with LiveCycle Data Services.

If you have suggestions about improving the translations, please do not submit a patch. The Flex team engineers who know what to do with a patch file don't have the language proficiency to evaluate which translation is better, and the translators who are language proficient don't know what to do with a Subversion patch file. Instead, please file a bug and say something like

The resource 'invalidCharError' in, which in English is "The input contains invalid characters.", was translated as "..." in Swedish. A better translation would be "...".

Be sure to specify

  • the file name
  • the resource key
  • the English string
  • the current translation
  • your proposed translation

so that a translator has all the necessary information simply by reading the bug.

If you'd like to submit a new locale that we don't already have, please file an enhancement request and upload a ZIP file with a complete set of .properties files for airframework.swc, framework.swc, and rpc.swc. If Adobe considers the language to be important to Flex's success -- no Klingon, please! -- Adobe will arrange for a translator proficient in that language to review and possibly edit your submission before we accept it.

Note: Tom Chiverton has a related blog entry that describes submitting a patch to the SDK here:


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