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Flex SDK Project Roles

This page describes the various roles related to the Flex SDK project.

Project Managers

The Flex SDK is a large project and therefore has a management committee that takes on the following responsibilities:

  • Coordinates planning and scheduling of major and minor releases
  • Manages the decision process for what enhancements and bug fixes are accepted
  • Provides community oversight to ensure guiding principles are being followed

The management committee is currently composed of Adobe employees. As the Flex SDK community matures the committee may invite non-Adobe members to become more active in the management of the project.


A contributor is someone who is playing an active role in the Flex SDK community. Contributors participate in a number of ways including:

  • Being active in forums and email lists
  • Filing bugs and feature requests on the public bug system
  • Helping moderate the bug system by noticing duplicates, adding clarifications, contributing workarounds
  • Contributing bug fixes and small enhancements by submitting patches to the public bug system

Anyone is welcome to be a contributor. If you would like to submit patches through the bug system you will need to make sure that Adobe has a signed contributor agreement on file. You should ensure that you are familiar with Subversion, JIRA, the Flex SDK coding guidelines, and all other information that can be found on the project website.


A partial-committer is a contributor who has been given some additional privileges, for example:

  • The ability to check in to certain areas of the source control system (e.g., resource bundles for localization purposes)
  • The ability to modify the project web site

Partial-committers also play an important role in the product, especially those who know the product documentation well and can contribute to correcting documentation errors, or those who have some excellent sample projects to contribute. See the Flex User Documentation page for more details.

To be considered as a partial-committer you should ensure that you've submitted a contributor agreement and then contact the Project Managers.


A committer is someone who is entitled to check code or documentation into any area of the source control system. Being a committer requires certain attributes including:

  • Knowing the product well, and not just from a technical/coding perspective
  • Being active in forums and email lists
  • Having a strong track record of bug fixes and workarounds
  • Being able to work independently
  • And most importantly, possessing good judgment when it comes to a solution, being able to code it, and making sure it benefits the community

Initial Committers for the Flex SDK come from the Adobe Flex engineering
team. A Contributor who has been determined to meet the above criteria
(especially the last point) can be nominated for promotion to full Committer
status by either the community or other Committers, with Project Managers
making a final decision.


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