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    This commit will soon go away

  • Committed [c79177]

    Time for a commit to separate the refactoring a...

  • Committed [08540e]

    Doing a lot of work. Now I'm going to add a bra...

  • Committed [6c3186]

    Copied all the code from ClassJ, because it's r...

  • Committed [b54db8]

    Some little changes

  • Committed [21316f]

    Merge http://git.code.sf.net/p/classj/code

  • Committed [bdb746]

    Changed to Maven. That is enormous. Also revamp...

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    A commit

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2013-05-06 01:05:33


  • Project Logo ClassJ A Java library for manipulation of class files. Last Updated:
  • Project Logo DeClassify A Java Decompiler with a catchy name. Last Updated:
  • Project Logo JRestack An implementation of a Java stack collection. Last Updated:


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