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  • Committed [r79]

    Fixed rubber band issues.

  • Committed [r78]

    Start fixing rubber band issues.

  • Committed [r77]

    Added support for the 2GIS maps.

  • Committed [r76]

    Fixed crash wile painting area image.

  • Committed [r75]

    Tile services descriptions update.

  • Committed [r74]

    The description of the addGeometry method updated.

  • Committed [r64]

    Fixed maps storage path initialization in mapsv...

  • Committed [r63]

    Fixed "fit all" icon.

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2010-09-09 07:53:33


  • Project Logo QNetMap QNetMap is the library for displaying the map and the objects on it Last Updated:
  • Project Logo doxynum The autonumerator filter for the doxygen documenting software Last Updated:


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