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  • Committed [98a796] do not follow symbolic links no more

  • Committed [9a0595]

    arena-manager: fix warning message with GNU sed...

  • Committed [624d97]

    FIXME [bmta] mta.c: added

  • Committed [e86bbe]

    [privacy] Add privacy.c, our upcoming generic S...

  • Committed [3197b6]

    [mimepipe.2] *pipe-TYPE/SUBTYPE*: add "!" trigg...

  • Committed [f3c5c3]

    [-] getrandstring(): use B64_NOPAD, ensure resu...

  • Committed [efb601]

    [bmta] support MTA; produce an uninst...

  • Committed [6682cc]

    [-] okeys.h: regenerate

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2011-11-16 13:22:43


  • Project Logo S-CACert Only one file: cacert.pem - a bundle of CA Root Certificates Last Updated:
  • Project Logo S-CText Unicode aware multibyte text handling in C (for POSIX/Unix) Last Updated:
  • Project Logo S-Musicbox   Last Updated:
  • Project Logo S-Postman Unsophisticated end-user mail fetcher, processor and sender Last Updated:
  • Project Logo S-SymObj Easy creation of symbol-tables, accessor subs and objects Last Updated:


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