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  • Posted a comment on discussion Getting Started on openPOWERLINK

    Hello, Please post openCONFIGURATOR related questions in the respective forum. In...

  • Posted a comment on discussion Help on openCONFIGURATOR

    Hello, This is a false positive. I suspect the tool assumes that the executable included...

  • Committed [c96fd4]

    [FEATURE] Persist ForceToCDC flag

  • Committed [65eddd]

    [FIX] Process image padding var wrong format

  • Committed [81f1f0]

    [FIX] Coding style XAP

  • Committed [04300f]

    [FIX] OD empty after node delete

  • Committed [413a42]

    [FIX] GCC warning cleanup

  • Committed [f17dde]

    [FIX] SaveAs action for a converted project fails

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