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  • Committed [r277]

    remove aura4.srp here so multicore will use aur...

  • Committed [r276]

    moving special cases into shared aura4.srp. Oth...

  • Committed [r259]

    Fixed compiler for cases where input file open ...

  • Committed [r275]

    forgot to add this file to repo

  • Committed [r274]

    multicore runs with space other than 1, about t...

  • Committed [r258]

    Preparing to use wxs.cmakeinclude rather than w...

  • Committed [r273]

    Fixed library designation for libsndfile so tha...

  • Committed [r272]

    Working on multiple space implementation of Aur...

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2000-09-27 19:52:54


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