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  • Posted a comment on ticket #6018 on ScummVM

    The DLL you linked is 32-bit, so I can't use it (because I build ScummVM from source...

  • Committed [r1313]

    Fix keyboard shortcuts for Frame Step menu/submenu

  • Committed [r1312]

    Fix mapper 37 - it writes to $6000

  • Committed [r1311]

    For iNES MapperInfo, use uint16 instead of uint...

  • Committed [r1310]

    Fix FME-7 behavior based on hardware tests

  • Committed [r1309]

    Fix VRC7 sound state information to actually be...

  • Created a blog post on QM Promisance

    QM Promisance v4.81 Released

  • Committed [r1985]

    Revert utf8mb4 change, since MySQL's maximum in...

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