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  • Committed [r10158]

    - CC: remove unused function declarations, add ...

  • Modified ticket #145 on Code::Blocks

    Code completion ignores parameters of catch-clauses

  • Modified ticket #34 on Code::Blocks

    Code completion does not recognize struct pointer typedef

  • Posted a comment on ticket #34 on Code::Blocks

    Patch applied, thanks! BTW: we use 4 spaces instead of tab as our code styles.

  • Committed [r10157]

    * Thread Search Plugin: fix thread safety issue...

  • Committed [r10156]

    - CC: add comment for function AutocompGetName().

  • Committed [r10155]

    * CC: fix handling of struct pointer typedef. (...

  • Committed [r10154]

    - CCTest: add a test case about struct pointer ...

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2008-12-02 15:46:05


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