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  • Committed [r1081]

    * Adding TgmLayerOrderCommand to gmLayerCommand...

  • Committed [r1080]

    * Adding SimplyMove() to class TgmLayerList.

  • Committed [r1079]

    * Change the callback function to let developer...

  • Committed [r1078]

    * Don't select Layer Mask Channel in the Rollba...

  • Committed [r1077]

    * Making special type of layers could be switch...

  • Committed [r1076]

    * Adding class TgmDeleteLayerMaskCommand to gmL...

  • Committed [r1075]

    * Adding class TgmApplyLayerMaskCommand to gmLa...

  • Committed [r1074]

    * Adding function SimplyApplyMask() to class Tg...

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