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  • Modified ticket #379 on Perl Data Language

    Passing qsort an extra argument causes a segfault

  • Posted a comment on ticket #379 on Perl Data Language

    Slightly modified the title to make it clear that the problem is calling qsort incorrectly...

  • Committed [327aff]

    Add PDL-2.008 RC3 to Recent News

  • Committed [1be2fc]

    Update VERSION to 2.007_17 for more development

  • Committed [639dd8]

    Update Release_Notes for rc3 release

  • Committed [246bfa]

    Add PDL-2.008 RC announcements to Recent News

  • Committed [a34815]

    Minor edit to remove redundant skipped: Skipped:

  • Committed [bf2d65]

    Add most of actual PDL prereqs to list

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