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  • Committed [r13681]

    Avoid duplication of code, include cloud/ground...

  • Committed [r13680]

    Fix Mesa compatibility issue: don't mix version...

  • Committed [r13679]

    Add datadir option to CMakeLists.txt (needed fo...

  • Committed [r13678]

    Fix DJ bug: do not invoke dj_script before the ...

  • Committed [r13677]

    Fix forum links

  • Posted a comment on ticket #68 on Vega Strike

    Yeah, but it's still a problem. Check closing braces that stand on their own line....

  • Posted a comment on ticket #68 on Vega Strike

    Sorry to be bothersome like this, but diff -w isn't good either. It borks all the...

  • Committed [r13674]

    Fix another typo

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