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  • Committed [8e3f59]

    Adding the missing iterate_performance.cpp

  • Committed [92d91e]

    Improved performance of find() and erase() and ...

  • Committed [40917d]

    Changed the compilation options for the perform...

  • Committed [cd993e]

    Minor reordering of the erase function on Relax...

  • Committed [6c3096]

    In the erase_performance test, shuffle before e...

  • Modified ticket #2 on Spatial C++ Library

    References to tr1 don't work with C++11

  • Posted a comment on ticket #2 on Spatial C++ Library

    The new release 2.1.6 contains the fix to this issue. It introduces support for libc++...

  • Committed [927b6d]

    Bumping spatial version, checking documentation...

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