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  • Committed [163030]

    The code run and some unit tests are passing, e...

  • Committed [df27f0]

    Testing a compilation of the new mapping iterat...

  • Committed [eca8ae]

    Made optimization the default for examples.

  • Modified ticket #1 on Spatial C++ Library

    including idle_point_multiset.hpp stops project from compiling

  • Posted a comment on ticket #1 on Spatial C++ Library

    The issue has been fixed in release 2.1.3, that is being uploaded now. Thanks ag...

  • Committed [6a3078]

    Fixed bug #1 reported by Feldmarshall

  • Committed [9d125a]

    Fixed a few doxygen errors

  • Posted a comment on ticket #1 on Spatial C++ Library

    Following your empty main() example, I can perfectly reproduce the error on the latest...

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