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  • Committed [8a14db]

    Update D language bindings for recent plmap* ch...

  • Committed [bcf353]

    Fix bounding box issues for ps and psttf driver...

  • Committed [794e77]

    Update C++ example 8 so it is consistent with C...

  • Committed [fd064d]

    Minor tweaks to f95 example 20 to remove spurio...

  • Committed [6a9cb5]

    Fix typo in previous commit to update cmake pol...

  • Committed [be5a95]

    Update cmake policy defaults for cmake 3.0.2. N...

  • Committed [4741f6]

    Updates to debian packaging files for 5.10.0+df...

  • Committed [a5f9eb]

    Updated debian packaging files for 5.10.0dfsg-1...

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