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Copyright Virgilio Lino 2011 w3v. virgiliolino@gmail.com It's a videplayer interface to use on web. Basing upon the file format, it loads one player, you may buil simply a new plugin to recognize new fileformats. The class is released under dual license, Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License and gpl license 2. w3v 0.1 - Help wanted: i need to test the fileformats, i need free videos. In the package there is the incredible fwplayer, copyright by them. usage: A videoplayer interface which creates a videoplayer or another basing upon file format you may create your videoplayer plugin, which is just a class that must implements the videoType interface fileformats it should recognize: plugin noDivxVideo: it's implemented using jwplayer(its just for non commercial use) if you find something really opensource and free please contact me. formats recognized:mp4,mov,f4v,flv,3gp,3g2,ogv,webm, you tube videos plugin divxVideo: it's implemented using divx webplayer formats recognized:the others How to use: to load a video, indipendently the format: <?php require_once('includes/classes/w3v.php'); ?> for every video: <?php $w3v=new w3v('id of the div containing the video','file with full path'); ?> For non experts you must use one new variable for every video, and one unique div id <?php $w3v1=new w3v('id of new div','new file');?> and so on then in the body, where you want to see the video for every video, just write: <?php $w3v->display(); ?> Finally, you must load the javascript(where applied), we recommend in the footer, inside a script tag: <script type="text/javascript"> <?=$w3v->getScript();?> <!-- once again, it must be done for every video <?=$w3v1->getScript();?> </script>
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