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Download and Install Information for vslm the Virtual Sound Level Meter. WINDOWS EXECUTABLE USERS: Windows users without MATLAB installed should download the vslm_0_4_1_pkg.exe. This file includes the windows executables, help files, and MATLAB runtime libraries. Move the vslm_0_4_1_pkg.exe file to the directory where you want the vslm executable to be installed (create the directory if necessary) and run the file. This will extract the contents into the directory and install the MATLAB runtime library if necessary To start vslm run the vslm.exe executable. This is actually a wrapper program that runs the true executable, matgui, and shows asplash screen while the MATLAB runtime library loads (this can take a while). The documentation includes vslm.chm, a windows helpfile format help file vslm.htm and the /files subdirectory which contains an html format help file vslm.pdf which is a PDF version of the same documentation vslm.hnd is the HelpNDoc file which is the source file for all the documentation formats The archive also includes vslm_0_4_1.fig and vslm_0_4_1.m which are the MATLAB source files MATLAB USERS Matlab users should download the vslm_0_4_1_matlab_source.zip and vslm_0_4_1_docs.zip and unzip both to the same directory. Users should then run vslm_0_4_1.m to run vslm. vslm_0_4_1.m requires the signal processing toolbox.
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