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Viking 1.6 released 2015-03-29 = What is it? = Viking is a free/open source program to manage GPS data. You can import and plot tracks, routes and waypoints, geotag images, show OSM maps under it, create maps, make new tracks, routes and waypoints, hide different things, etc. You can visit the project web site: http://viking.sourceforge.net/ = What's New? = == New features since 1.5.1 == * Mapnik Rendering Layer (not available in Windows build ATM) - with preprocessor CartoCSS option. * Export files via GPSBabel * Extended GPSBabel filtering support - Enables limited/simple OSM Overpass API support. * Support reading of MBTiles files. * Support reading of OSM Metatiles. * Configurable Toolbar * Configurable Menu keys * Various time related features: ** Edit trackpoint and waypoint times. ** Sort layers by time. ** Preference option 'World' to display time values based on the position (i.e. in the local timezone) of the track or waypoint. ** Show time axis values on time graphs ** Quick search of tracks by date ** Open external programs Rednotebook or Stellarium at the specific time (and place) of a point. * Improved route finder UI usage * GeoJSON support via external programs 'togpx' and 'togeojson' (Not available in Windows build ATM) * New default Map Cache layout to be more compatible with standard OSM/TMS structure. ** Also python tool available to migrate cache layouts * Support GPX Metadata values common to GPX1.0 and GPX1.1 * Extended map type configuration options (zoom levels + area extents limits) * Build compatibility with GPSD 3.12 * Allow starting Viking with command line parameters to set position, zoom and map type. ** --latitude <degrees> ** --longitude <degrees> ** --zoom <ZoomLevelOSM> ** --map <MapID> ** eg: $> viking --latitude 51.4 --longitude -1.3 --zoom 12 --map 13 * Improved Windows install information and options * Export Track, Route and Waypoint Lists as text. * Many internal improvements, fixes, more translations and various other small improvements. * Embed but make optional the GPSBabel-1.5.2 installer on Windows (which is why the installer .exe file is about 30Mb larger than before) ** I forgot to mention this reasonably important feature in the NEWS file itself. == Fixes since 1.5.1 == * SF Bugs#104: Fix GStatBuf not available on Glib < 2.26 * SF Bugs#105: Fix Display of Lines (Clipping) at High Zoom Levels. * SF Bugs#106: Fix incorrect location on opening .vik file saved in different locale. * SF Bugs#109: Ctrl+Keypad+/- to Zoom In/Out respectively. * SF Bugs#112: Enable using libgexiv2 for writing geotag image data to void XMP data loss (Not available in Windows build ATM) * SF Bugs#113: Fix waypoints can be accidentally moved on (re)selection by the select tool * SF Bugs#114: Fix Shortcut keys get reset next start * SF Bugs#115: Fix application hanging on degrees input ending in a comma. * SF Bugs#118: Fix route point selection via the Edit Trackpoint tool. * Debian #761966: Remove an incorrect accelerator in the German translation. * Debian #746815: Fix loading image thumbnails when some Unicode chars in the pathname = Contributors = * Rob Norris * Guilhem Bonnefille * Matthew Hague * Christian Müller = Translations = * Aleksey Kabanov: ru.po: updated * Nitin Ullal: de.po: updated * Rob Norris: en_GB.po: updated * myziny: ko.po: updated * Ibai Oihanguren Sala: eu.po: updated * Po-Hsu Lin: zh_TW.po: updated * Ján Neščivera: sk.po: updated * Xuacu Saturio: ast.po: updated * Radek Stastny: cs.po: updated
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