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vifm v0.8 New version brings several useful improvements of different kinds. The most substantial addition is custom views that allow one to combine files from several directories in one view, which in turn enables processing of search/grep/etc. results similar to handling contents of a regular directory. Thanks to everyone who was reporting issues during beta period. Also reminding about #vifm@Freenode IRC channel, color schemes preview at http://vifm.info/colorschemes.shtml and introducing http://q2a.vifm.info Q&A site for general usage questions. Main changes: - Added filename specific highlight (with a script to convert ls options). - Added custom views, which contrary to regular views can contain files that do not belong to the same directory. - Added job bar to display active backgrounded file operations. - Added command-line mode abbreviations. - Added global configuration and color schemes directory. - Added live search match highlighting. - Added optional per-file progress for file operations. - Added full path patterns ({{globs}} and //regexp//). - Added command-line options to control file/directory selection and selection processing to make it easier to use vifm as a file picker. - Color schemes got ".vifm" extension, but the old-style names will still work for now. - XDG specification support. - Ability to use terminal applications to preview graphics (e.g. w3mimgdisplay). See change log for the full list of changes and by whom they were suggested. More details and demonstration at http://vifm.info/news/2015-07-08.shtml
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