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About Vanda Engine Vanda Engine 1 is the new FREE and open source development platform for Games and realtime interactive 3D on Windows. Featuring a technology called VScenes, the engine allows anyone to begin building by constructing over many layers or as we call VScenes. Technically, a VScene is a collection of objects, external scenes in COLLADA format, a PhysX XML scene or built in physics elements, rendering effects, extra textures and other such elements that form the blocks of a real time interative scene. Check out more information on how VScene works here: http://vandaengine.org/an-overview-to-vanda-engine/ Consider following us on Facebook to be informed about what we’re doing: http://facebook.com/vandaengine Check out our gallery to see how Vanda Engine is getting work done: http://vandaengine.org/gallery/ Download setup file from : http://vandaengine.org/download-vanda-engine/ We regularly update our features, compatible 3D programs, and tutorials in official website of Vanda Engine: http://vandaengine.org/ License Most of the files of this project use MIT license: //Copyright (C) 2014 Zehne Ziba Co., Ltd. // This file is licensed and distributed under MIT license For more information about MIT license, please visit http://opensource.org/licenses/MIT Several files of this project use SCEA Shared Source License: //Copyright 2006 Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. Licensed under the SCEA Shared Source License, Version 1.0 You may obtain a copy of the License at: http://research.scea.com/scea_shared_source_license.html Compiler 1.3.1: Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 1.3.2 and 1.3.3: Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 1.3.4: Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 1.3.5 and higher: Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 Compiling the source code: http://vandaengine.org/compiling-the-source-code/ Contact info support@vandaengine.org
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