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Title: USL (Unorthodox Scripting Language) By: scstauf@gmail.com Date: 23 August 2013 Copyright 2013 Scott Christopher Stauffer [Reasoning and Synopsis]: USL is a programmable object-oriented scripting language designed out of boredom by yours truly. USL began as a command shell on a slackware desktop before I added the ability to script code. At the time I had no idea how languages worked (and still don't to an extent), so I had to write it by scratch. I used the interface I had already designed as a way to take in commands and have USL act a certain way based on the commands it read. This gave me an interactive interpreter out of the box and a way to test the functionality on the fly. By that time, there were already file i/o commands programmed into USL like "fpush/pop" and one output command called "say". I ported it to compile on Windows and that's when I decided to release it into the wild. USL is not intended to replace any other languages. USL is just a hobby of mine. It's fun to play with. If you'd like to join in on the fun, contact me! [How-To Use]: Without a script provided, USL starts as a regular command shell. > say "Hello, World!" The shell itself is an interactive interpreter and we don't need to start the shell in order to execute commands. $ usl -p "say 'Hello, World!'" You can save your code to a *.us (unorthodox script) file, and let USL interpret it. Or write all of your code on-the-fly (usually in a sandbox environment to test some code). Handling Bugs: I supply an error message when one occurs and it can be logged when you supply the --log switch. $ usl -l logfile.txt Or you can just copy and paste the error and send it (with a copy of the script file attached to my email address (at the top). (scottyeatscode.blogspot.com)
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