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PeCR 2015-04-17 11 weekly downloads
ngs-x509id 2011-05-23 11 weekly downloads
x509runsetgid 2010-12-08 11 weekly downloads
ngs-CA_utils 2010-12-08 11 weekly downloads
RUS 2010-12-08 11 weekly downloads
accounting-clients 2010-12-08 11 weekly downloads
ngs-inca-nagios-reporter 2010-12-08 22 weekly downloads
ngs-uee-gip-plugin 2010-12-08 11 weekly downloads
meg 2010-12-08 11 weekly downloads
kgsisshd 2010-12-08 11 weekly downloads
ngs-vo-tool 2010-12-08 22 weekly downloads
ngs-vdt-installer 2010-12-06 11 weekly downloads
README.txt 2011-05-23 1.0 kB 11 weekly downloads
NGS DEVELOPED SOFTWARE ---------------------- RUS / accounting-clients Server and client side code used by the NGS's job accounting service. kgsisshd / meg Provide SSH access to a grid service using a standard SSH client. MEG is the successor to kgsisshd. ngs-CA_utils Scripts to handle the bulk management of certificates. ngs-inca-nagios-reporter Nagios plugin to report start of the (defunct) NGS INCA monitoring service into a local Nagios installation ngs-uee-gip-plugin Incorporates information about applications that support the NGS's Uniform Executation Environment conventions into that published by sites. ngs-vdt-installer Scripts to installs a full Grid software stack. ngs-vo-tool Utility to simplify the management of Virtual Organisations on a site. x509runsetgid Utility to control access to applications based on the X509 certificates presented by end users. ngs-x509id Command-line tool to map an X509 certificate to a local username.
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