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WARNING: Not compatible with daemons 2.33 or older (i.e. for remote sessions). Version 2.42 ============== * Upstream release. See See * Local changes: - Fixed installer Lithuanian and Catalan translation (thanks to er-ku). - Added all available Qt translations plus the new one by er-ku (these only affect general stings, not the application specific ones, we only have updated translations for Lithuanian, and Spanish, almost complete ones for Russian, Brasilian Portugese, and Kazakh.) - Fixed unresponsive application while creating files (using sparse files) (Thanks to k-864 for confirming the problem). - Fixed leaving a temporary directory when deleting torrents. - Cleanlooks progress bar colors are as before. Version 2.41 ============== * Fix to my version 2.41 being built without large file support, (Thanks to k-864 for reporting the problem). Version 2.41 (original DELETED) ============== * Upstream release. - Fixes for Mac application, no changes for this app. * Local changes: - Backported a couple of unreleased fixes to make it worth changing. Version 2.40 ============== * Upstream release. - Main new feature: torrent queueing. * New Lithuanian translation included. * Local changes: - Modified progress bar colors and behavior (fills left to right for both download and seeding with ratio objective). + Default style: colors are not affected, downloading and seeding look the same. + Cleanlooks style: color of progress bar changes, blue for downloading, green for seeding. - A couple of bug fixes. Version 2.40b3 ============== * In the Experimental/2.40 folder. Version 2.40b2 ============== * In the Experimental/2.40 folder. Version 2.40b1 ============== * In the Experimental/2.40 folder.
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