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The "Sunland Villagers" project is meant to become a village building and managing game. It's still in "alpha" stage, which means it's very incomplete and not very mature at this point of time. Features included so far: - Landscape display. - Path building and teardown. - Workplace construction and teardown. - Carriers, foresters and woodcutters as workers. - Transport of goods. Each time you start the game start you'll get a new island to play on. You'll get headquarter at a suitable place, from where you can start. You can remove the headquarter if you want to start elsewhere, or just run the game again to get a different island. Since v0.13 the Sunland Villagers contains code to load and save games. It is somewhat tested but it is possible that the code still contains bugs. To save a game, press ctrl-s (_s_ave) This will create a file "test.vmp" in the folder where the game is installed. If there is a file by this name already, it will be renamed to "test.vmp.bak". To load a game, press ctrl-l (_l_oad) A small demo game is included in the archive, so you can take a look right away. (Press ctrl-l after program start to load it.) For more information, please visit the project site on Sourceforge: http://sourceforge.net/projects/sunlands/ To start the demo on Windows, just use the "start.bat" script. For Linux I've tried to supply a "start.sh" script which replicates the functionality for Linux. But since I have no Linux system to test it, I don't know if it works. If you use MacOS, you'll have to create your own starting script, since I have no idea how to start java applications there. LWJGL runtime libraries are bundled for all LWJGL supported operating systems. Contact: varkaleas@users.sourceforge.net
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