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version 0.80.08 --------------- -Fix: Removed RT signals from code, are not used and some architecture failed to build. version 0.80.07 --------------- -Fix: Makefile version 0.80.06 --------------- -Install directory only defined in Makefile. -Refix: initial planet coordinates. -Added: html manual version 0.80.05 --------------- -Added: engine flares. -Fix: initial planet coordinates. version 0.80.04 ---------------- -Fix: ships takeoff with very few ammunition. -Fix: incorrect initial number of planets. Incorect initial planet coordinates, planet out of limits. version 0.80.03 --------------- -Fix: pause when order write. -Fix: [32-64 bit] Client nickname is truncated to the last part.(!!) ID: 3308044. -Fix: Queen autopilot: still crash the ship while landing - Improve ExecLand() ID: 3305062 -Fix: Towers always aim the enemy even if out of range - ID: 3305048 - help patch (gionnico) - spacecomm patch (resolve hostnames) (gionnico) version 0.80.02 --------------- -Fix: bug [segmentation fault] when you press TAB, PAGUP, PAGDN in order mode (thanks to gionnico) version 0.80.01 --------------- -Filter added in order mode. Unwanted characters are not showed any more. -The keys: TAB, PageUp, PageDown and HOME get out also from order mode. version 0.80.00 --------------- -Bug fixes. -Bug fixed that make pirates too strong. -A crashing bug was fixed in net games between 32-bit and 64-bit machines. -Minor bugfixes. -AI improvements: -AI players follow different strategies. -Attacks to planets improved. -Teams. Mode games added: -Cooperative. -Deathmatch. -Queen mode. -Ships can be selected with mouse. -Game speed improved. -GAME OVER added. -Minor changes: -Ships and asteroids destroyed inside a planet increase the planet resources. -The command line option -nopirates was added. -Feedback is given in the terminal when an order is given. -Home key selects the first ship in outter space. -Sound control from menu. -Music is now turned off when the game is paused. -Player names in the command line, now works. -It is no longer necessary to install the game to have sound. Sound works from the installation directory. -Documentation updated. version 0.78.00 --------------- - Bug fixes. - Added Asteroids. - Ships can be upgraded. - AI improves. - Formation of commands. -New object numeration system (lower numbers). -Frames by second up to 24. Smoother movement and lower net traffic. version 0.76.02 --------------- -15Oct10. Minor bug when loading a game. saving actual ship. -25Oct10. Minor bug when selecting a planet. -27Oct10. Error in ControlCenter(). -04Nov10. Bug in ControlCenter(). -30Nov10. Minor Bug in Updateship() in net game. -14Dic10. Bug in sending new objects. version 0.76.01 --------------- -28Sep2010. Added ownership in Buyship(). -29Sep2010. function GetPoints() updated. -29Sep2010. BUG in CheckGame(). -05Oct2010. BUG in ExecLoad(). -11Oct2010. BUG when loading a game displaying DrawPlayerList().
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