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Using Beacon for SourceForge, Inc. PURPOSE The Beacon for SourceForge, Inc. allows a user to export the Firefox Firebug Add-on's Net panel data to File and/or POST to a URL. REQUIREMENTS * Firefox 3.5.x - 3.6.x * Firebug 1.5.x Firefox Add-on INSTALLATION 1. Simply drag-n-drop the beacon_sfnet-*.xpi into Firefox. CONFIGURATION The default configuration allows you to send a Firebug Net Panel export to SourceForge, Inc's beacon. The page loaded must contain at least one element or object from a SourceForge, Inc. domain property. There are several about:config entries. You must at least set your personal SourceForge beaconURL as it contains your username. 1. In the URL bar, enter "about:config" 2. Filter on "sourceforge" 3. Double-click the beaconURL entry. Assign the username= to your recognized user name and click OK to accept There are other settings available. We ask you do not change them unless reqested to do so for troublshooting purposes. Their entries names are self-explainitory. * Minifying the JSON data * Saving JSON data to a local file There is also an Regular expression of recognized top level domain names to make sure page relevancy. The beacon URL domain must be listed in it as well. Tampering with this URL would make everyone's lives suck more. Please do not adjust it without our recommendations. UNINSTALLING 1. Uninstall using standard Firefox Add-on uninstall facility USAGE of Beacon for SourceForge, Inc. 1. Navigate to the page you want to get metrics on 2. Open Firebug, select Net and click the dropdown arrow to enable the Panel. 3. Choose between: * Fresh Metrics Hold down the Shift key and reload the page. This forces Firefox to reload with fresh page resources instead of the cache. * Mixed Metrics (usage of browser cache) Just reload the page 4. Once the load is finished, click the "Send to SF.net" Firebug button. * A dialog will appear that you successfully connected to the SourceForge beacon. * If a posting error occurs, an error dialog will appear. * If you are submitting a site that has no SourceForge, Inc. page resources in it, you will not have a dialog box at all. TROUBLESHOOTING * If the Net Panel is open, but the filter toggles & Send to SF.net button are missing, disable and re-enable the Net Panel.
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