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version 3.3 - automatic Enum support by default - EnumType and EnumTranslator for reading/writing Enum fields - remove deprecated: WidgetColumnTranslator1, cascade methods, operation methods - SqlOperation getWhereTranslator and setWhereTranslator are now public - remove deprecated RowTranslator(Table<R>) constructor - Table selectCount() and selectCount(String, Object...) new implementation version 3.2 - org.sormula.translator.standard translators can read/write null non-primative types - fix bug that caused cache exception when Table was created after transaction began - BenchmarkSuite example to compare Sormula vs. JDBC perfomance Version 3.1 - cascades require no annotation - simplified cascade annotation with symbolic names - SelectCascadeFilter allows filtering algorithms to be written in Java - named parameters with SqlOperation.setParameter(String, Object) version 3.0 - caching - TransactionListener - row annotations have precendence over table annotations (set legacyAnnotationPrecedence=true for pre v3.0 precendence) - remove deprecated - cascades can set foreign key values and reference on target objects - Row.inheritedFields allows fields in subclasses to be used as columns - Row.selectInitialCapacity configures initial capacity of collections/maps for select results - Where.selectInitialCapacity configures initial capacity of collections/maps for select results - SelectOperation.setFetchSize sets PreparedStatement fetch size - Row.fetchSize and Where.fetchSize configures fetch size - Where.maximumRows limits rows read from select operation - SelectOperation implements Iterable to enable SelectOperation objects in for loops - fix bug that cascaded insert, save, update, delete when parent row did not exist in database (see org.sormula.tests.cascade.multilevelfk) - Row.primaryKeyFields as alternate way to specify primary keys - many-to-many examples - named cascades (see org.sormula.tests.cascade.named for example) - non-identity inserts for tables with identity columns https://sourceforge.net/p/sormula/code https://sourceforge.net/p/sormula/code/commit_browser
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