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SimThyr notes SimThyr is a continuous simulator for pituitary-thyroid homeostasis. Pre-compiled Software is available for Mac OS X, Mac OS Classic and Windows. SimThyr was developed with Lazarus / Free Pascal (Mac OS X and Windows) or THINK Pascal (Mac OS Classic), respectively. Source code is provided for all supported platforms and may also be used in order to compile SimThyr for additional platforms. Installation The recommended way to install SimThyr on Windows-based computers is to use the provided installer. For special requirements, e.g. for installation on computers without administrative rights, also a portable application is provided. In order to install the portable version simply drag the application file from the archive to the desired location on your file system. You may even start SimThyr portable directly from a web server (depending from the settings of your browser). This may have advantages e.g. for CBT labs and other computer resource centers. In order to install SimThyr on Mac OS X, simply double click the DMG file and drag the application file from its window to the desired location on your file system. SimThyr for Mac doesn't come with and doesn't require an installer. It may also be used as a portable application that is started from USB sticks, CDs, server volumes or other media. On Linux, please download the source code and compile it for your processor and operating system with Lazarus / Free Pascal. Compatibility SimThyr 3.x for Mac supports Mac OS X 10.4 or newer on systems with either Intel or PPC processors. Release versions of SimThyr are code-signed for newer versions of Mac OS X. SimThyr 3.x for Windows has been developed for Windows XP and was successfully tested on various Windows versions including Windows 2000 and Windows 7. Mac OS Classic is supported by the legacy version SimThyr 2.0 only. In order to use SimThyr on Linux please download the source code and compile it for your processor and operating system with Lazarus / Free Pascal. The required versions are Lazarus 1.2.2 and Free Pascal 2.6.4 or newer. Scenario files Simulation scenarios, e.g. containing a set of structure parameters in certain thyroid disorders, may be stored as XML files and reused, e.g. for talks, presentations or educational purposes (SimThyr 3.0 or newer only). Handbook Manuals and introductory information are available from http://simthyr.sourceforge.net/manual.html. J. W. Dietrich
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