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SimpleCheck 8.0.5a (083) 2013-10-25 66 weekly downloads
SimpleCheck 8.0.4 2012-07-02 11 weekly downloads
SimpleCheck 8.0.3a 2011-05-22 11 weekly downloads
SimpleCheck 8.0.2 2011-01-29 22 weekly downloads
SimpleCheck 8.0.0 2010-10-26 11 weekly downloads
SimpleCheck 7 2005-07-07 11 weekly downloads
README.txt 2014-05-18 1.9 kB 11 weekly downloads
Subscribe to the SimpleCheck-Updates Mailing List to be Notified when New Releases become Available. Use this URL to Subscribe: https://lists.sourceforge.net/lists/listinfo/simplecheck-updates See the SimpleCheck About window for easy access to new updates posted on SourceForge. SimpleCheck: Current Version is 8.0.5a (083); Released on 08-28-2013 This version is a minor interim release that fixes a crash bug and adds some small features. In particular, it adds an easy link in the Help menu to Check for Updates; adds a sound Mute feature for situations where there is competing sound applications that would be disturbed by SC; and adds a security feature when more than 1 user is using SimpleCheck on the same PC - switching to another MailBox would require knowledge of the E-Mail account password. The next SimpleCheck version (8.1.0) is still being tested with new MIME routines that will allow SimpleRead to Display HTML in messages without allowing any scripts to execute; and, to Read Messages quickly with minimum MailBox polling. The new MIME routines will enable several more significant enhancements to be added later. At this time SimpleCheck is only supported on: 32-Bit Windows: XP SP2+, Vista, 7 Windows Server: 2003/2008 Not Yet Tested for: Windows 8.x or Windows Server 2012 To Install SimpleCheck in a 64-bit environment, run the installation package in Windows XP SP2 mode. To Run the SimpleCheck application in a 64-bit environment, use a shortcut that is setup to run it in Compatibility Mode for: Windows XP SP2. We are working hard to Release the next version of SimpleCheck (8.1.0) in June of 2014. We will not have IMAP capability in this release, but the performance of POP3 has been dramatically improved even with multiple E-Mail accounts that have more than 25,000 messages in them! Switching between E-Mail accounts will be instantaneous.
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