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## Ubuntu #extract package to /var/www 1. goto terminal and: cd ~/Downloads && sudo 7za x scripture.7z -o/var/www/ #import scripture.sql 2. goto terminal and: cd /var/www/ mysql -u root -p bibleway < scripture.sql sudo chown -R www-data:www-data /var/www #set database-login information in config 3. nano /var/www/scripture/config.inc.php #use the site 4. goto webbrowser and type in: login using username: admin password: admin #NOT WORKING(Ubuntu) in 1: sudo apt-get install p7zip-full in 2: no database? type: mysql -u root -p after logging in: create database bibleway;exit; in 4: mv /var/www/scripture /var/www/html/scripture ## Windows: 1. Download and install wamp server at example http://wampserver.com 2. Extract scripture files unto the directory->www (web folder) 3. Create database and import the latest MySQL dump 4. Run scripture in a browser (login user: admin password: admin) # Scripture > Community, Opensource, Free, Crossplatform and Mobile Biblestudy Application Bibleway.us
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