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SASfit is a curve fitting program for small-angle scattering curves, mostly from SAXS and SANS experiments in analytical or biological chemistry. It features more than 200 particle models and is capable of fitting several data sets simutaneously. For more information please see the manual .

The names of recent packages consist of the build date, the development branch and a unique Mercurial changeset identifier followed by the system name and architecture it was built for:

sasfit_[build date]_[development branch]_[changeset]_[system]_[architecture]

Source packages are provided for cases in which no direct access to the Mercurial/hg repository is available. The source tree is required for building custom plugins of model functions. If possible, it is recommended to clone the repository and get the latest changeset:

$ hg clone http://sasfit.hg.sourceforge.net:8000/hgroot/sasfit/sasfit

Please see section Code of the SourceForge.net project page


Use the Darwin packages for Mac OS X. Above 10.6 (Snow Leopard) you may need to install the third-party xquartz package to provide the required X11 libraries.

Utils Package

Utilities for advanced users of SASfit: A complete build environment based on MSYS/MinGW for Windows. Just extract it to your disk and add the mingw/bin path to your PATH environment variable. msys contains msys.bat to start a unix-style shell for building full packages and plugins.

Source: readme.textile, updated 2013-02-12