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Rflex for HARDWARE v2 (>2013). Rflex for HW2 will be referred to simply as Rflex followed by a version number (release date) -------------- The latest field-tested version is 20140723 uploaded on 2014-09-24 The latest lab-tested version is 20141006 uploaded on 2014-10-10 - Executables for win32 - Requires labview runtime library to be installed separately. - status: Recommended, fixes some bugs, added some functionality -------------- version 20141006 - added: logging header of the last triplet measurement or a shutdown notification to a 1-line file. This file could be frequently FTP'd (with an external program/script) to a central server and used to keep track of system errors. - fix: path name for log file was ignored. - added: if angle calibration fails the program will continue in Ed mode without Rrs functionality. Ed (or what sensor is connected to Channel 2) will still be measured. The stepper motor will not move. An orange indicator light will light and the program will switch to Sensor Control only mode. - Add a button to produce dummy GPS data, so you can test things in the lab away from the window - this version is not yet field-tested, so this is a beta release. version 20140723 - fix for stuck value for sun azimuth = 180 introduced in previous update - fix countdown timer to next measurement (to be tested, no fatal dependencies) version 20140711 - fix for sun azimuth = 180 resulting in NaN - at angle calibration the position is made -3 instead of 0, landing the platform in the detection zone every time (hopefully) version 20140625 - at angle calibration the position is made -1 instead of 0, because 0 marks the right edge of the proximity switch Version 20130729 This is a partial release, extract the program files and replace the ones in your current installation. For a full installation, first install 20130702 and then copy the contents of the 20130729 archive to the folder containing your installation. Fixes and improvements: - Fixed header field order error introduced in 20130725 - Added Platform code to the data header (PlatformCode in settings.txt) - Added Path for error log in settings.txt. Placing the log directly in the archive folder (dropbox) now. - Removed the ghost spectra that were shown when the program started. There might be other instances left, need to test. These spectra are in any case not saved. - Added(restored?) a 100ms delay at each cycle of the Ramses serial data collector vis. Fixes high cpu load in the last few versions. - Add ArchiveInterval(h) to settings.txt. Data files will be moved to the indicated location at every indicated interval, and a new data file will be created. - implemented averaging of subsequent GPS speed over ground measurements. Define the moving box window in settings.txt. If you are upgrading from a version before 20130702 and following the rflex hardware design, remember to upload the Arduino script to your Arduino. The script has not changed since version 20130702. Known issues: - step numbers are fixed in several instances. The program runs normally when using a 400 step/rotation motor. All such instances should be dependent on stepsize in settings.txt - if a sensor does not time out but returns some data (not for all pixels), we need to flag this as bad_data similar to our logging of time-outs. Both bad-data and time-outs can often be circumvented by power cycling the sensor, which we'll implement next. Planned work: - Code support for additional serial commands through Arduino: power cycling of connected sensors in case of multiple timeouts, temperature readout. -------------- Previous versions and legacy notes: Version 20130702 Important: with this update, you must also upload the new version of the Arduino sketch to your Arduino if you use the stepper motor platform. Fixes and improvements: - Fix: Ch2 was not always triggered at the exact same time and would receive a different metadata header on rare occassions. Trigger logic revised so that a new variable 'This.Header' is generated on a trigger event, and passed into the Ramses controllers rather than the latest Header. - Improvement: Reorganised trigger logic (intermediate versions v20130508,v20130613) - more transparent now. - Fix: North/South GPS cardinal showed East/West cardinal. - Fix: serial buffer sometimes read before sentence from Arduino fully received (Rflex_View_StepperControl_Arduino.vi). Now waits until finished. - Workaround: Proximity switch sometimes registers high values while switch is low (current spikes in cable?). Changed to using an analog input channel (slower) and set the limit of the Arduino readout to 750 (high value is 870). - The Arduino controller software has been updated to reflect the above change. NOTE: Upload the new arduino sketch to your Arduino manually. - Fix: invalid GPS lines could pass through the parser, now dependent on valid Checksums. added: - Test VIs to test GPS and Arduino/Stepper motor connections without running Rflex. - preliminary routine to define a home/data harbour box in the settings file - copy old data file to archive_folder when a new file is created (first go at cloud (e.g. dropbox file transfer). Use at own discretion. If an invalid archive path is supplied in the settings file, the program should continue to run normally. -------------- Version 20130228 Rflex_20130228 is uploaded to the website as Windows Executable only. Revision of the Labview VIs and naming conventions is pending. Once this is finished an update will be released. The executable was succesfully tested. New documentation (building instructions) are released with this version in the Rflex_20130228 folder. Major Changes in Rflex_20130228 (First hardware v2 support) - all sensors and signals are routed as RS232, optionally over Ethernet using a serial-to-ethernet interface. We use an 8-port Moxa. - Stepper motor control has been moved from the computer (remote) to the platform (local) side of operations. An Arduino receives instructions from a PC over RS232 and sends TTL signals to the stetpper motor driver. - Power supplies have been bundled into one supply in the deck box - Each sensor communicates over a separate COM port - Implementation cost was reduced by removing a separate serial buffer and power supply - Support for remote operation (PC on network) is now feasible. -------------- Legacy notes Rflex for HARDWARE v1 (<2013). (Not fully networked, uses DO interface and direct PC connection, IPS box, 1 COM channel for all sensors) Last change to this description: 17/10/12 14:45 Version 20121017 of Rflex is now available. This is the last update of Rflex supporting hardware v1. Rflex_03_201017_installer.zip Rflex_03_201017_exe.zip Rflex_03_201017_LabView.zip
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