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RackTables-0.20.10.tar.gz 2015-01-26 913.7 kB 214214 weekly downloads
RackTables-0.20.10.zip 2015-01-26 999.3 kB 6161 weekly downloads
RackTables-0.20.9.tar.gz 2015-01-13 912.6 kB 167167 weekly downloads
RackTables-0.20.9.zip 2015-01-13 997.7 kB 6262 weekly downloads
RackTables-0.20.8.zip 2014-06-07 989.8 kB 5252 weekly downloads
RackTables-0.20.8.tar.gz 2014-06-07 905.2 kB 190190 weekly downloads
README.md 2013-12-06 437 Bytes

Which RackTables release to download?

The current stable branch is 0.20.x. Please pick the latest release from 0.20.x series, it is likely to be the most stable.

The contents of .zip and .tar.gz archives are identical, these two formats are provided for your convenience only.

Previous release series, including 0.19.x, are discontinued. Please upgrade.

Thanks for using RackTables!

Source: README.md, updated 2013-12-06