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pySioGame - 0.4.1-beta If you would like to help translating this game please download your language file from translation folder (or use one included with the game in languages folder). Please note - this game is playable but still unfinished - or rather is being continuously improved. Please let me know if you find any errors or bugs in the game or in translations, formulas or other game content. The game is intended to be compatible with python 2.7.3+ including python3.x. Some changes made to make it compatible with older versions of python as well - but recent versions not tested. In order to run this game you need the python-pygame package installed and eSpeak which - if you are using linux, you most likely already have, if you are using other OS - well no luck - I'm afraid it won't work - but can't test it really. To start the game from terminal: python /home/user/path/to/the/game/pySioGame.py #or using python3: python3 /home/user/path/to/the/game/pySioGame.py Should start with double click if marked as executable or if you like you can create a custom launcher using one of the above lines for the command line field (obviously after changing the path to the program first). The pysiogame_icon_48.png file can be used as the icon. Changelog: pySioGame - 0.4.1 - beta: - added Spanish translation - thanks to Miriam Ruiz - removed a bug in calculating window size pySioGame - 0.4.0 - beta: - added partially translated Russian Version - thanks to Anton Kayukov (Антон Каюков) - sorry I forgot do do it earlier - added new activities - 3 math games split into separate games so different operations are now under separate launching button - made cosmetic changes to some of the existing activities. - optimized images further - now it is possible to change child's name in settings screen (just start typing and press enter when finished)
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