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pySioGame - (quick fix version) Please note - this game is playable but still unfinished - or rather is being continuously improved. Please let me know if you find any errors or bugs in the game. The game is intended to be compatible with python 2.7.2+ including python3.x. Some changes made to make it compatible with older versions of python as well - but recent versions not tested. You need the python-pygame package installed in order to run it (and eSpeak which - most likely - you already have pre-installed). To start the game from terminal: python /home/user/path/to/the/game/ #or using python3: python3 /home/user/path/to/the/game/ Should start with double click if marked as executable or if you like you can create a custom launcher using one of the above lines for the command line field (obviously after changing the path to the program first). The pysiogame_icon_48.png file can be used as the icon. Changelog: pySioGame - - beta: - corrected some area/volume formulas and changed shape/solid images - added labels - paint - flat brush behaviour changed slightly. pySioGame - 0.3.1 - beta: - changed the Paint activity: - added short history (undo/redo) - added new stright line tool - changed the painting functions slightly - changed 'circumference' to 'perimeter' in shape flashcards
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