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pmcyg - A tool for partially mirroring Cygwin(TM) packages Introduction ============ This directory contains 'pmcyg', a tool for creating customized collections of Cygwin(TM) packages. pmcyg is intended to support construction of a self-contained CDROM or DVD that can be used to install or upgrade Cygwin on computers that do not have network access to a Cygwin mirror site. PLEASE NOTE that changes in Cygwin itself during mid-2013 are incompatible with versions of pmcyg up to and including 1.0. Significant upstream changes such as x86/x86_64 support and unicode package definitions are not backwards compatible with older versions of pmcyg. pmcyg-1.0.1 is the earliest version likely to support both these features of recent Cygwin distributions. For updated versions of the pmcyg package, please see http://www.sourceforge.net/projects/pmcyg Licensing ========= All files forming part of pmcyg are released under the GNU General Public License (v3) (see http://www.gnu.org/licenses) and are Copyright 2009-2013 RW Penney <rwpenney@users.sourceforge.net>.
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