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PureFix Photo-processing tool for Symbian phones, built using Qt. Contains the libjpeg library, released under a separate license. Please see the REAME file in the libjpeg folder of the source. Release notes 1.7.0: Re-named from PhotProc to PureFix Previews are shown with OpenGL shaders on the GPU. Much faster preview New UID so that the old PhotProc and new PureFix can be installed on the same device Presets added so can save and load preset filters Contrast equalization changed: it better brings out low-contrast details, but has artifacts on large high-contrast areas. To be fixed! Animations on user interface and can alter divider between preview and menus Film-like colour settings added 1.0.0: Made the first full release Added: colour tint just dark areas of the image Improved: Some of the contrast and shadow lightening uses a different formula, which seems to work much better than the previous formula Improved: The shadow, clip dark and denoise sliders are more sensitive around low levels so you have greater control over low levels of filtering Improved: Sensitivity of the dynamic range slider around small changes in range Improved: Error reporting in the main window Improved: Shutdown is faster when currently processing a preview image 0.9.9: Fixed: a bug in "de-noise" crept into the last version, which is fixed here Added: Shows error messages in main menu for loading and saving errors Fixed: Sometimes takes a long time to exit 0.9.8: Fixed: Colour conversion from JPEG into application Added: "Exposure" setting (which does a linear multiply of intensity) Added: Open Page now has a full-screen view of the gallery Added: Button on "file" page to switch between preview and original view Changed: The buttons for the UI to use icons instead of text. 0.9.7: Added: "Saturation curve" slider which changes saturation of unsaturated colours Added: "Dynamic colour space" slider which changes the dynamic effects from linear to CIELAB Changed the shadows and highlights sliders to work a bit better Fixed the contrast slider to work a bit better with dark colours Added feature to open images from the file system instead of the gallery Altered the exit option to wait for all worker threads to complete Restructured some of the filter code to do luminance map separately and be able to be colour space converted 0.9.6: Redesigned user interface using hidable and scrollable layers for editing Redesigned filters that use different colour spaces for different stages Colour filters now use the CIELAB colour space which matches perception of colour Logarithm range reducers which smoothly reduce dynamic range of images Bugfix: I think the random crashes are gone Bugfix: The gallery no longer tries to load partially-written images and displaying a broken image icon 0.9.5: Bugfix scaling images of some unusual image height values Bugfix: was repeatedly writing out EXIF data for width/height/software Bugfix: was showing incorrect image size when saving out scaled image Change to handling of dark parts of images when increasing contrast to not lose shadows 0.9.4: Optimizations so that basic dynamic filters are much faster (if you don't use halo removal or other features, then it's fast) Default output image size is now 2MP, but you can still process original resolution (this is based on user feedback: on the phone you are probably using just for social media etc, where 2MP is much more useful and it's faster) Saves out EXIF data in the image Bug-fix to stop random crashes (I hope! Seems to work now) 0.9.3: Bug-fix to previous version so noise removal and sharpening now work again Removes broken save image code for small images. Now always saves the same way Optimizations to dynamic, sharpening and de-noising code Changed the "colour contrast" setting to be more useful 0.9.2: Has a new dynamic feature: Contrast Equalization which makes dramatic changes to levels Loads images in YUV format and processes them in that format. Improves image quality when increasing contrast Fixed the icon in the program. Symbian can't load embedded images in SVG correctly Improved image load performance Changed the scale for the luminance map size to enable it to be set very large (but potentially *very* slow!) Added a new "quality" setting on JPEG image saving Re-arranged the editing buttons with simple buttons on the left and advanced on the right ** This version uses the wrong colour space for noise removal and sharpening, as well as failing to save small images 0.9.1: Uses the Nokia Installer that downloads any required library files. This is a test to see if this fixes some users' installation problems Uses libjpeg to load images, which uses less memory and may be faster Global contrast can now reduce, as well as increase, contrast 0.9.0: A small fix to resizing whereby the size for the output makes more sense Doesn't bother to try to recalculate previews if the preview failed to load A new frog logo The dynamic range calculation is a bit nicer This is the first "beta" release Features TODO: Details setting, rotate, EXIF, auto light-correct, load using libjpeg? Optimizations TODO: OpenGL shaders, separate out filters more into different phases, vectorize, load using ICL? 0.8.2: Saving takes a long time at high resolutions, so this release adds such processing to a "job queue" and lets the user continue to edit new photos. Bug-fixes and optimizations to loading and saving at different sizes. Resize works correctly now New "colourize" option that gives easy way to recolour using complementary colour pairs Handles errors and low-memory much better: breaks up images into smaller chunks for processing 0.8.1: Completely changed the way the "dynamic" effects work to be based on a bilateral filter. This gives a much better quality image with dynamic effects, although it can be slower. Added sharpening using another small bilateral filter. Added a resize feature that outputs images of 5MP or less. Not sure it works reliably yet. Added a new colours option: "style" that lets you emphasize colours better. Fixed the "correct light" feature to work better. UI is still difficult for this. Added an 'info' tab for showing the resolution of the input and output image. Added 'crop' feature to crop photos. 0.8.0: Added separate pages for the main groups of filters. Fixed some bugs in loading previews 0.7.4: Improved the lightmap calculations for dynamic range. Improved local contrast, and added a local saturation that does the same as local contrast, but for colours. Added median noise filters for intensity and colour. 0.7.3: Fixed a bug with scrolling the preview 0.7.2: Improved some of the 'lightmap' based filters, such as "Local Contrast" and "Reduce dynamic range". 0.7.1: Tested on Nokia PureView 808. Previous file (PhotProc.sys) did not have a version number and so has been removed. This version implements gamma correction, but "reduce noise" and "sharpen" are still unimplemented. The source code for this version is a little better structured into files than the previous version
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